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exterior painting done right

exterior paint can transform a house or business.


Exterior paint not only makes your house look great, it also protects it from sun, wind and rain. When done right, a quality exterior paint should last 8 to 12 years, depending on the weather and sunlight your house gets.

explore our exterior painting process below…

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cleaning the surface

First, we wash the surface, making sure it is clean and free of mold, dirt and grit, but we are very careful about how we go about this. A power washer can do a lot damage in the wrong hands, scarring the wood and getting water under your siding, which is why we sometimes recommend a soft wash instead. Depending on the type of structure and siding you have, we will advise you on which method of cleaning will work best.

scraping old paint

Next, we scrape any paint that has peeled or bubbled. We are lead-certified at Full Care Painting, and if your house has lead paint we will take the proper precautions to make sure it is scraped and disposed of safely.

repair work

Sometimes we see problems in the siding, like cracks or wood rot, and these have to be addressed before we start painting. Sometimes the repair work is simple, like patching a hole. Rot repair, on the other hand, requires exploration to uncover how deep it goes before it can be fixed.


priming and painting

We use primers when necessary, usually on bare wood, epoxy and spackle, and once that is finished we can start painting. Acrylic latex paints used today offer a fantastic look without the hardening we used to experience with oil-based paints. They emit fewer VOCs, are environmentally compliant, and resist mildew longer.

what does exterior painting cost?

We custom quote every project, and the various costs are factored in to every estimate.

Exterior paint often runs $25 to $50 a gallon, with premium running closer to $50 to $100. We may also need a power washer, ladders, scaffolding, and other supplies. After labor, costs usually average $1500 to $3,500 for a single story home. Houses with multiple stories can run $3,000 to $10,000 or more.

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