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Interior painting involves more than slapping paint on the walls. Our experts look at how the color will impact the space, explain the pros and cons of every option, and recommend the best solution at the lowest cost.

Lighting, decorative molding, colors in adjacent rooms, and the overall size of the space are all factors that you should consider when choosing the color that’s right for your project.

below are some important considerations
for interior painting…

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The most obvious factor that impacts color is the lighting in the room. Natural and manufactured light change color in very different ways. Saturation, contrast and lightness all play an important role in how the room looks at different times of the day.


decorative molding or trim

Look at the decorative trim in the room and think about how the colors will work together. Will they blend or clash? Door frames, crown molding, and base boards all contribute to how the colors harmonize together.


adjacent rooms

There’s a fine line between creativity and disaster. Making each room a different color can add variety and inspiration to the house, or it can look jarring and tacky. Whenever you are planning on adding a new color, you should also think about the colors in the adjacent rooms or hallway, and make sure they complement each other.


paint quality

Higher quality paints offer several advantages. They look better, last longer and apply easier. They also go on more smoothly, leaving fewer roller and brush marks, and they resist dirt and cleanings better than cheaper brands. The type of paint we recommend really depends on various factors, including lighting and the space itself. If we are painting an important high traffic area, we recommend buying the best quality paint you can afford. You might spend more, but you will be happier with the results in the long term. We always keep an eye on discounts offered by major brands and we pass those savings onto our customers. In areas where appearance is less consequential, like a closet or crawl space, cheaper paint works just fine. Talk to one of our painting specialists about how to save money and get coverage you are looking for.


paint sheens

The higher the sheen the higher the shine. Finishes range from completely flat to high-gloss, each with its own pros and cons. High gloss and semi-gloss paints are reflective, durable and easy to clean, but they also bring out blemishes on the surface area that otherwise may not be seen. Kitchens, bathrooms and doors are places where gloss works very well. Satin and eggshell  finishes are durable, cleanable and are more useful for covering imperfections on the surface. These finishes are used most often in living and sleeping areas of a home. Flat and matte finishes soak up, rather than reflect, light. It has the most pigment and will provide the most coverage, which translates to time and money savings. However, it’s tough to clean without taking paint off with the grime.  Best use is in adults bedrooms (matte) and ceilings (flat).


drywall repair & wallpaper removal

From patching dings and scrapes to full-scale drywall repair and wallpaper removal, we will fix any blemishes on your walls before we start painting. Prepping the surface area is very important because it helps walls absorb the paint, giving you richer display of color. If you already have carpenters working on your house, we are happy to collaborate with them. Our company partners with some of the best contractors in the Capital Region.

what does interior painting cost?

We custom quote every job, and costs are determined by the scope of work and hours needed to do it. Interior paint costs $12 to $75 or more per gallon, depending on the paint you choose. A typical 12×12 room can add up to $200 to $450 when you factor in primer, tape, caulk, drop cloths, and, of course, labor.

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